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Diesel Particulate Filter

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  • Brand   Diesel particulate filter used in diesel engine tail gas purifying system
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Product overview:
  Diesel particulate filler (DPF) is a kind of silicon carbide as raw material flow honeycomb ceramics, main componet containing diesel vehicle tail gas discharged by the engine is the carbon particles, particulate trap is installed in the system of diesel engine in automobile exhaust gas through the filter, reduce exhaust particulate matter(PM) device above, The DPF working principle: through the holes at both ends by altemating honeycomb porous ceramic filtration to remove PM, to use wall hole ceramics.
  ·Low pressure drop
  ·Low thermal expansion coefficient
  ·High porosity, uniform pore size distribution
  ·Good heat shock resistance and heat vibration resistance
  ·High particulate trapping efficiency,adaptability to various modes of production
  ·Circular products
  ·100-200 holes per square inch
  ·Diameter of 100-330 mm, height≤200mm
  ·Appearance requirements: tolerances of diameter, length, perpendicularity≤1%tolerances of parallelism≤0.5%
  ·Other product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

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