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Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate

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  • Type   Honeycomb ceramic substrate used in gasoline engine tail gas purifying system
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Product overview:
  The products are cordierite honeycomb ceramic substrate, which are used for gasoline vehicle exhaust gas purification after coated with catalysts, turning the harmful gases emitted from vehicles into harmless gases after catalytic conversion.
  ·Thin wall thickness
  ·High surface area
  ·Low pressure drop
  ·High compressive strength
  ·Low thermal expansion coefficient
  ·Good heat shock resistance and heat vibration resistance
  ·Ideal matching with various active catalyst components
  ·Circular products, runway circle and ellipse products, Special-shaped products (triangle, trapezoid, rectangle etc.)
  ·100-600 holes per square inch
  ·Diameter of 50-150 mm, height≤200mm
  ·Appearance requirements: tolerances of diameter, length, perpendicularity≤1%
  tolerances of parallelism≤0.5%
  ·Other product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

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